Gallery: 29th Annual Music City Mopar Club Mopar Car Show

I just had a great day a few weeks ago at the 29th Annual Mopar Car show! It is hosted and put on by the Music City Mopar Club that’s based in Tennessee. This was the fourth or fifth year that I have attended or entered a vehicle. It has yet to disappoint; there is always a lot of cool Mopars to see. There were a great variety of modern Challengers, Chargers, classic muscle cars, Rams, Jeeps, Vipers and so much more! It was held in Lebanon, TN at the beautiful Wilson County Fairgrounds on Saturday September 22nd, 2018. The theme this year was the “‘Birds and The ‘Bees” that featured Road Runners, Super Bees, and Superbirds to name a few.

They also had a cruise in the day before – plus a tour. During the car show they had music, several food vendors, nice custom made trophies, a people’s choice award, a swap meet, vendors, a guest speaker, door prizes, a drawing and much more. It was truly a fun time for the whole family!

Despite the chance of rain, they had a great showing of a wide range of Mopars. I tried some BBQ nachos from a food vendor that were very tasty. The music selection was great and appropriate for a car event and the guest speaker – none other than Mr. Herb McCandless – was informative. They also had some really nice giveaways such as a big screen TV, a tool set and more. And the custom trophies were great. It was a very well put together and organized car show as always. The Music City Mopar Club really knows how to put on a fun and eventful car event. They also have a website and a Facebook group as well so you can keep up with everything online such as shows, cruise-ins, club news and more.

I highly recommend checking out this car show. If you have a Mopar I’d recommend getting it detailed, all shined up and show worthy and entering it. Or if you feel like it’s just not ready to show yet, just stop by as a spectator and check out all the entries and enjoy the festivities. You may get some new ideas and motivation for your own ride. There are a lot of classes so your beloved Mopar will fit right in. Just be sure to bring your camera to capture all the awesome Mopars and memories!

I know from experience that Mopar enthusiasts are the most loyal, knowledgeable and respectful group of car folks around. We stay friends for life and help each other out. They all know their stuff and love to share their knowledge as well. Trust me, you will make a few more friends going to this show.

So save the date and make room to either attend or enter next years show cause it is a can’t miss show! After all is said and done by the end of the day you will have seen some amazing and rare Mopars, make some new friends, get some new ideas for your own Mopar, possibly win a cool prize, eat some great food and have a great time! Next year’s show can’t come soon enough. Be sure to spread the word and let everyone know about this fun event. Until then, See ya next year! I’ll be there again enjoying another fun full day spent with my Mopar family and friends!

Class 01: 60-69 A-Body Stock: 1st: Jim Burke- 1968 Dodge Dart

Class 02: 70+ A-Body Stock
1st: David Dodoro- 1971 Dodge Demon 340 2nd: Stephen Pedigo- 1971 Ply Duster

Class 03: 62-67 B-Body Stock 1st: Walter Best- 1966 Dodge Charger 2nd: Ron Cottle- 1967 Ply Satellite

Class 04: 68-70 B-Body Stock 1st: James/Deb Darnell- 1970 Roadrunner 2nd: Ken Preston- 1969 Ply Roadrunner 3rd: Brian Westervelt- 1970 Roadrunner

Class 05: 71+ B-Body Stock 1st: Richard Haeberle- 1973 Ply Satellite

Class 06: All E-Body Stock 1st: Rick Whitmire- 1970 Dodge Challenger 2nd: John Squires- 1971 Ply Barracuda

Class 07: Cars 2003 & Older {Stock and Modified} 1st: Mark Cato- 2003 Dodge SRT4

Class 08: C-Body / 300s Stock 1st: Jerre Reimers- 1970 Chrys Newport 2nd: David Botts- 1956 Dodge Monico 3rd: Dan Perryman- 1966 Ply Fury III

Class 09: 1960 – 71 Trucks Stock

Class 10: Pre 60 Cars & Trucks Stock

Class 11: Modern Mopar Cars 2004 & Up 1st: Carlos Norrod- 2008 Challenger SRT8 2nd: James Perdomo- 2014 Challenger 3rd: Rick Roberts- 2012 Challenger SRT

Class 11: Modern Mopar Cars 2004 & Up 1st: John Boman- 2017 Challenger 2nd: Elvin Wilson- 2008 Dodge Super Bee 3rd: Doreen Barnes- 2018 Challenger

Class 12: Modern Mopar Trucks 2002 & Up Stock 1st: Jason Bolton- 2018 Durango SRT 2nd: Chris Garner- 2012 Ram 1500 RT 3rd: Randy Worcester- 2005 Rumble Bee

Class 13: Jeep All {Stock & Modified} 1st: Monty Slaughter- 1979 CJ Renegade Silver Anniversary 2nd: Terry Peterson- 1982 Jeep CJ7

Class 14: Survivor 1992 & Older Stock 1st: Adam Burlett- 1973 Chrysler Imperial

Class 15: 1972-93 Trucks & Vans {All} 1st: Larry Haga- 1977 D150 Adventurer SE

Class 16: 1960-69 A-Body Modified 1st: Randy Scott- 1968 Ply Barracuda

Class 17: 1970+ A-Body Modified 1st: Butch Arnold- 1974 Ply Duster 2nd: Tom Richmond- 1974 Ply Duster 3rd: David Rowland- 1972 Dodge Duster

Class 18: 1962-67 B-Body Modified 1st: Ritchie Scurlock- 1963 Dodge 330 2nd: Joseph Miszkiel- 1967 Ply Satellite 3rd: Mary Coltharp- 1966 Belvedere Conv.

Class 19: 1968-70 B-Body Modified 1st: Cody Theriot- 1970 Dodge Super Bee 2nd: Rick Rivers- 1969 Ply Roadrunner

Class 20: 1971+ B-Body Modified 1st: Eddy Gregory- 1973 Ply Roadrunner 2nd: Robert Allison- 1974 Ply Roadrunner

Class 21: All E-Body Modified 1st: Kathy Kocsis- 1974 Ply Barracuda 2nd: Bill Mabrey- 1970 Dodge Challenger

Class 22: 1993 & Older Trucks Modified 1st: Glenn Hibbert- 1980 Dodge W200

Class 23: 1994 & Newer Trucks Modified 1st: Jonathan Moss- 2007 Ram 1500 2nd: Brandon Ingram- 2016 Ram 2500 3rd: Zach Elmore- 1997 Ram 1500

Class 24: Front Wheel Drive Modified 1st: Terry Frost: 2004 Dodge SRT4

Class 25: Modern Mopar Cars 2004 & Up Modified
1st: Fred Meyers- 2008 Dodge Challenger 2nd: Jonathan Knighton- 2012 Challenger Yellow Jacket 3rd: Roxanne Manzone- 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT

Class 26: PT Cruiser Stock & Modified 1st: Gene Lowery- 2001 Chry PT Cruiser

Class 28: Special Interest (Cars & Trucks) 1st: Ken McNally- 2005 Chry Crossfire 2nd: Ernie Evans- 1989 Chry Maserati 3rd: Rodney Hargis- 1987 Diplomat THP

Dealer’s Choice
Jerre Reimers- 1970 Chrysler Newport
President’s Choice Car Phil Cox- 1970 Plymouth GTX
President’s Choice Truck Glenn Hibbert- 1980 Dodge W200

President’s Choice Featured Cody Theriot: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

Judges’ Choice Stock Rick Whitmire- 1970 dodge Challenger

Judges’ Choice Modified Eddy Gregory- 1973 Ply Roadrunner

Club Choice Ernie Evans- 1989 Chrysler Maserati

Best of Show Truck Larry Haga- 1977 D150 Adventurer SE

Best of Show Stock Monty Slaughter- 1979 Jeep CJ5 Silver Anniversary

Best of Show Modified Ritchie Scurlock- 1963 Dodge 330

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