Gallery: Our Favorite Mopars From The 2017 Edelbrock Car Show

Again Spring is upon the automotive world and scarcely is there a weekend with nothing to do – the weekend of May 5th and 6th was no different. Once a year the doors of the Edelbrock headquarters opened and Southern California’s “Fun Team” welcomed the masses to come inside and see what’s behind the big red curtain to witness what has lit the fire of over 50 years of Edelbrock performance and pride, but that is only the beginning.

The 2017 Edelbrock Car Show kicked off May 6, 2017 at Vic’s Garage with not only tours of the headquarters and manufacturing buildings the Friday before, but the chance to tour Vic’s personal collection that included not only Vic Sr.’s personal car, but so many others. Guests enjoyed a day of great music provided by Rewind South Bay belting out the rock and roll, the kids corner full of fun and games, several food vendors that could satisfy your every craving and time taking in the sights and sound with fellow enthusiasts, yes that included some extremely nice examples of Pentastar power.

One of the “don’t miss” items on the docket for the show is the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow, where high school teams tear down the classic small block in a race against time and rebuild it to running condition. This is a welcome sight to those hoping to see the next generation of car guys and gals enter the industry with the zest that has kept it alive and kicking all these years. It can also give them a chance to compete in the finals at the “Showdown at SEMA” come November and secure scholarships to attend schools that will give them a chance to be part of the automotive industry for decades and pass that same passion along to the next long after we are all gone.

But what this event really does (beyond the tours, past the music, beers and time checking out the vendors showing off their latest go-fast goodies) is bring out the people; see its the people that have made the hobby, the industry and the passion live so long. It the reason why even in the threat of rain at this years show, 100’s of cars, trucks and automotive creations show up to be recognized and it’s that passion that will carry it for another century, and yes, along with the South Bay Mopars Club and some support from the local Mopar fanatics we are pretty sure it’s a safe bet we will be attending this annual gathering for years to come.

EdelbrockCarShow-01 EdelbrockCarShow-04 EdelbrockCarShow-05 EdelbrockCarShow-07 EdelbrockCarShow-10 EdelbrockCarShow-11 EdelbrockCarShow-13 EdelbrockCarShow-14 EdelbrockCarShow-16 EdelbrockCarShow-17 EdelbrockCarShow-22 EdelbrockCarShow-23 EdelbrockCarShow-29 EdelbrockCarShow-09 EdelbrockCarShow-06 EdelbrockCarShow-28 EdelbrockCarShow-21 EdelbrockCarShow-18 EdelbrockCarShow-15 EdelbrockCarShow-12 EdelbrockCarShow-27 EdelbrockCarShow-26 EdelbrockCarShow-25 EdelbrockCarShow-24 EdelbrockCarShow-20 EdelbrockCarShow-19 EdelbrockCarShow-08 EdelbrockCarShow-03 EdelbrockCarShow-02

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