Gallery: The Mopar or No Car Nationals at Beaver Springs Dragway

The second annual Beaver Springs Dragway Mopar or No Car Nationals was held on Friday, May 31st and Saturday, June 1st in Beaver Springs, PA. The two-day event was blessed with sunny weather in the low- to mid-80s. The track was well prepared and readied for the Friday test and tune session, which had a large contingent of testers. After the testing wrapped up, the competitors and their families were treated to a free picnic sponsored by Butch Gummo, owner of Surplus City, the Beaver Springs Zoo Crew, and Mike McCraken, owner of Beaver Springs Dragway.

The second day of the Mopar or No Car Nationals was race day; there were four racing classes. There was quick eight (Pro Mopar) anchored for the second year in a row by Tim Rigglemen, who ran 7.92 elapsed time in qualifying in his small-block 1991 Daytona. The fast Mopars that did not make the cut for the quick eight class competed in the Hi-Po Mopar class, which was packed full of cars and trucks running 11.99 seconds and faster. An ever-growing group of late-model Challengers and Chargers competed in Modern Mopar, which included all Mopars from 1992 to date. The largest class was Cool Street, which consisted of 12 second and slower Mopars.

For the second year in a row, McCraken allowed all Dodge Demon owners free entry into the event, and just like last year, he posted a $100 bounty to any Demon driver that could drop into the 9-second range. Again, this year, McCraken was able to keep his $100 because none of the Demons cracked into the 9s. There were plenty of 10-second Demons, and the best run was by Denny Aungst with an elapsed time of 10.19 seconds.

Be sure to check the website for additional events this year at Beaver Springs Dragway. A few select events are the 15th annual York Nostalgia Nationals, Flashback Friday, the inaugural Zoo Crew VW and Import Day, Modern Muscle Day, the 13th annual Jalopy Showdown, and for next year mark your calendar for early June 2020 for the 3rd annual Mopar or No Car Nationals.

The Mopar or No Car Nationals at Beaver Springs Dragway – Final Round Results

Pro Mopar
Winner: Bernie Staub, 1978 Plymouth Arrow
R/U: Mike McGowan, 1970 Plymouth Satellite

HiPo Mopar
Winner: Chris Shaffer, 1966 Plymouth Fury
R/U: Brent Noll, 1972 Dodge Demon

Cool Mopar
Winner: Adam Mowery, 1970 Dodge Dart
R/U: Dennis Kohr, 1969 Plymouth Belvedere

Modern Mopar
Winner: Denny Aungst, 2018 Dodge Challenger
R/U: Zac Piper, 2005 Dodge Magnum

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