Gallery: Tons of Awesome Mopar-Specific Parts at PRI 2015

The Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show is always a great time of year. All the manufactures have their latest products on display (some that haven’t even reached the market yet) and there’s a ton of hardcore racers on hand. The economy is definitely good for some as attendance was up about 10% over 2014. The downside to that is you can waste a lot of time waiting to actually talk to someone.

I found myself having to decide whether I wanted to wait or walk some more and hope to make it back around. The biggest difference I noticed in this year’s show was that the entire cast and crew of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws was there and the red carpet had seemed to be rolled out for them. Several of them had cars on display and a couple even unveiled new rides at the show but unfortunately there’s nothing Mopar related to really talk about there.

There was plenty of vendors supporting the Mopar culture with products ranging from early Hemi parts to the latest in Dodge four cylinder wares.

Above left: Jesel was displaying this custom belt drive setup which was featured on a few motors at the Engine Masters Challenge. Above right: Maybe not be the regular V8 stuff we’re all accustomed to seeing but you’ve got to admit this four cylinder billet crank from Scat is pretty trick and probably appealing to the next generation hot rodder.

Above: Downforce Motorsports had their 2016 Warhawk 345 Stage II Challenger on display. The car was full of upgrades from the e-Force supercharger to suspension to cosmetics and is still covered under the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty.

Above: Molnar Technologies carries hardcore engine internals from blown early Hemi rod & piston combos to their new Gen III stroker Hemi rod built to handle the demands of the current turbo craze.

Above left: The label on this Arias A/Fuel piston pretty much says it all! Above center and right: Edelbrock likes to invite several of top cylinder shops around the country to display their modified Edelbrock heads and this is a set of Big Block Performer RPM that where messaged by Hughes Engines and saw a 15% increase in flow numbers.

Above: Nitrous Outlet had a few of their switch panels and plate systems on display. I spoke with them briefly and they said to expect more pieces like this to come out in 2016.

Above: Probably out of reach for most of us but still cool to see are these works of art from MBE.

Above: Marty Robertson’s beautiful 1968 Barracuda was in the Procharger booth with a Hemi and the newest F3X-143 supercharger this thing will be a major contender in the small tire radial racing world.

Above: If you’re looking for an affordable option on cylinder heads these are the latest offering from ProMaxx. Made of true 356-T6 aluminum these are a very nice looking and well-built piece.

If you’re a high performance junky like myself and have not attended the PRI show yet it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list but don’t plan on seeing it all in one day. It’s three days I set aside every year to see the latest products and catch up with sponsors and friends. Oh and wear some good walking shoes!

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