Gallery: Yes, You Can Win This 1969½ Super Bee Dream Giveaway

Since 2007, the Dream Giveaway® brand has conducted sponsored fundraising promotions that assisted veterans, hospitalized children, cancer victims, the homeless, sufferers of natural disasters, and other causes. Dream Giveaway always has spectacular vehicles for its promotional events, and any Mopar enthusiast should be interested in the latest offering.

While picking up a car like this is well beyond the means of most of us, anyone purchasing one or more 1969½ Dodge Super Bee Dream Giveaway donation tickets has an opportunity to win the grand prize.

So, what is so special about the Super Bee? There were very few race-inspired streetcars from the factory, but the Chrysler Corporation did manage to sneak a few of these cars into production. The A12, M-code, 1969½ Dodge Super Bee, like its sister model, the Plymouth Road Runner, was an example of such a vehicle.

Rather than purchasing a new muscle car at a dealership and then adding gears, bolting on a hood scoop, installing better brakes, and fitting additional go-fast goodies, an enthusiast could get all those parts installed with minimal added amenities in a package car right from the factory, and it came with a warranty.

The Super Bee, a mid-year option on the Coronet, came stock with a 390 horsepower 440 breathing through three Holley two-barrel carburetors. The “Six Pack” carb setup was fitted underneath a menacing flat-black lift-off hood tethered to the body with only four hood pins. On the hood was an expansive and lofty hood scoop with Six Pack lettering displayed on either side of the scoop.

A 4-speed or Torqueflite automatic transmission passed the engine’s torque to a standard 4.10:1 geared Dana 60. The Super Bee did not have flashy wheels; instead, it came with a set of gloss black 15×6-inch steel wheels sans hub caps and fitted with G70-15 Goodyear Polyglas Red Streak tires. Because disc brakes were not an option, slowing the Super Bee was handled by heavy-duty 11-inch drum brakes installed on each corner.

Many felt the Super Bee was a factory race car. However, in an April 24, 1969 letter penned by Tom Hoover (the father of the 2G Hemi) to National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Technical Director Farmer Dismuke, Hoover stated, “We feel we should again explain the philosophy behind these cars. They are NOT race cars. They were designed for the youth enthusiast market. Their purpose is to help maintain the Road Runner/Super Bee sales momentum. The package exhibits good all-around performance – braking, handling, acceleration – at a reasonable price with a lot of individual identity.”

Whether Hoover’s claims were taken at face value or not, the Super Bee was more than able to handle its business on the street or the strip.

The Dream Giveaway 27K-mile Super Bee is one of 1,907 A12 cars produced. It is a pillared coupe (two-door sedan) rather than the more popular pillarless (two-door hardtop), making it one of 420 units built. A coupe equipped with a Torqueflite transmission increases the rarity of this Super Bee to one of 153 units that rolled off the Lynch Road assembly line.

The Super Bee has been completely restored to factory specifications. The 440 is a factory replacement block that comes with the correct Edelbrock intake manifold and Holley carburetors. The HD brakes and police suspension were rebuilt. The Dana 60 has been filled with 3.54:1 gears replacing the high-revving 4.10:1 gears to reduce the engine RPM at speed. The Super Bee rolls on reproduction redline tires.

The exterior of the Super Bee is finished in a beautiful factory color, F6 Bright Green. A white bumblebee stripe wraps the rear of the car and provides an eye-appealing contrast to the green.

The interior has been redone in the original black color. The front seat is a bench seat rather than the more performance-appearing bucket seats in keeping with the minimalist theme.

If you want to get your hands on this Super Bee (approximate value of $87,000), Dream Giveaway is currently accepting tax-deductible donations until 11/30/2021.

The drawing will be on 12/16/2021. Dream Giveaway will include $15,000 additional funds to cover the taxes if you are still on the fence about entering this promotion.

Although we cannot imagine it, suppose you don’t want the Super Bee. There is another option where Dream Giveaway will provide $30,000 to the winner. For additional information, review the official rules.

Do not miss out on your chance to own one of the most potent Mopars ever built while at the same time helping out several worthy charities.

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