Man Spray Paints “Lemon” All Over His 2014 Ram 1500 To Get FCA To Replace It

“Lemons” are a commonly used term in the automotive world. A lemon is a vehicle that is often new and is found to have several manufacturing defects which may affect the safety, value or use of the vehicle. Any vehicle with numerous issues that reoccur time after time even after being repaired is given the term lemon. In some cases, the manufacturer will purchase the vehicle back and offer a brand new replacement to the customer.

However, usually proving your vehicle is a lemon to the dealer or manufacturer can be a massive headache. Typically, this process tends to drag out over months. Brad Kerrick from Indiana is all too familiar with the term lemon and the hassle involved with getting it dealt with. After his 2013 Ram 1500 was deemed a lemon by the dealership and FCA, he was given a brand new 2014 1500 Sport model as a replacement.

Unfortunately, it seems as though his replacement is just as bad. Brad says he’s had issues with it from early on and the truck has been at the dealer numerous times since it rolled around the 18,000 mile mark. “Everything electrical is messed up. The transmission is shot. My 2013 was a lemon and my replacement 2014 is just as bad. It’s junk too,” says Brad.

He continues to say, “The truck has been at the dealer over 20 times and they don’t know how to fix it. I’m paying $608 a month for a truck that I can’t use and FCA is telling me I’m going to have to start paying for my own rental car, even though it should be covered under the warranty.”

After fighting with three different dealerships and FCA refusing to do their part and stand behind replacing the second truck (with 60,000 miles on it now), Brad had enough and took to social media, in a rather unique way. Brad took spray paint and wrote all over his truck. Using the words “Lemon,” “P.O.S” and “JUNK”, Brad posted pictures all over Facebook hoping to catch FCA’s attention. We’re hoping that is washable paint. If not, it might be hard convincing FCA to take back a truck that is otherwise ruined now.

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