Proform’s Perfect Launch Differential Covers Expands Beyond Dana 60s

Proform’s new “Perfect Launch” rear differential cover part number 69504 is a game changer for your Dana 60s performance and reliability. The Perfect Launch series of covers are made of thick, cast aluminum and feature stabilizing bolts for the Dana 60s bearing main caps.

The new stabilizing bolts on Proforms “Perfect Launch” diff cover eliminate the possibility of cap walk and firmly keep your bearing main caps in place. Perfect Launch diff covers also feature a magnetic drain and fill plug for easier fluid changes.

During this year’s preparations for Power Tour 2024, Brazen, our 1969 Charger R/T project got a “Perfect Launch” diff cover shown on our YouTube Channel, Mopar Connection Magazine.

For those of you with a non-Chrysler rear end, Proform also makes the “Perfect Launch” series of covers for the Ford 8.8, GM 7.5”, as well as 10, and 12-bolt rear ends. All of the “Perfect Launch” differential covers feature-bearing main cap stabilizing bolts and two magnetic drain plugs.

For more information about the new Perfect Launch Differential covers available from Proform visit any of Proforms dealers such as or To speak with one of Proforms parts support team technicians, call 586-774-2500.

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Darryl Smith

Darryl's lived quite a bit of life despite being less than a quarter-century old. Born in Australia, raised in Tennessee and driving a super-retro 1973 Charger that lived most of its life in Hawaii, Darryl brings tons of enthusiasm and an eagerness to share his passion.

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