Saturday Morning Tech: AutoMeter Professional Tire Pressure Gauge

Admittedly, this product review should’ve been written months ago, but we have become so accustomed to using our new AutoMeter Professional Grade Tire Pressure Gauge that we kinda just forgot that we needed to write up an article. That’s the thing about really useful tools, they become an extension of you, something you (hopefully) never have to give a second thought to. When you need it, it’s there and it does its job. That’s how we’ve come to appreciate our new AutoMeter gauge. Heck, we even had to root around to find its carry case since we keep it tucked away in the car the rest of our tools.

Obviously, there’s no bigger name in automotive gauges than AutoMeter. And never one to let their name carry the brand alone, AutoMeter has a longstanding commitment to delivering supremely accurate instrumentation that racers, builders and mechanics have come to depend on. It’s with that same exactness that AutoMeter puts into something as deceptively simple as a tire pressure gauge. As AutoMeter states, having the right tire pressure can mean “the difference between lighting up the win lights and blowing your tires off at the line.” To that, AutoMeter’s mechanical tire pressure gauges provide possibly the most accurate measurement we’ve encountered.

The dial itself features a large 2.25-inch face patterned after AutoMeter’s signature racing dial design and is rated to an accuracy rate of 2.5-percent FS (+/- 1.5 PSI). The dial is wrapped in a shock-dampening easy-grip rubberized housing and features a 13.75-inch stainless braided line and is flexible and durable. In fact, durability was central to this gauge’s design as AutoMeter knows it’s going to get tossed around quite a bit. That’s even why they include a protective case with each purchase. One great feature is the release button, ensuring the dial will record the measurement until the button is depressed, setting the dial indicator back to zero.

Moreover, AutoMeter offers the gauge in 15psi, 40psi, 50psi, 60psi and 100psi ratings. For application, we went with the 60psi since we’ve been using it on everything from our shop truck, our project cars and even the kid’s bicycles. Priced at $31.95, the AutoMeter Professional Grade Tire Pressure Gauge isn’t your typical pen pocket tire pressure gauge, but a truly heavy-duty well-built tool that is going to last several years. We confess to have accidentally bounced it across the floor and the rubber housing truly kept the gauge from any damage – and it still reads correctly! We’re definitely big supporters of adding this gauge to your toolbox as we have, and in fact, will be putting it back right now!

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Kevin Shaw

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