Save Big on Auto Metal Direct Only Through Classic Muscle Metal, LLC


It goes without saying that finding classic Mopar components has become harder and harder these days, with most of us having to resort to junkyards, eBay, or the occasional friend who we all know hordes their parts. But for those of us looking to achieve a showroom finish for our classic Mopar projects, the folks at Classic Muscle Metal LLC (CMC) out of Cleveland, Georgia, have made it easier than ever for enthusiasts like us to do it right the first time.

Keeping the tradition of first class finish and service, the fine folks at CMC keep modern, brand new sheetmetal in stock for nearly every car and truck – starting from the ‘50s, and all the way up to the ‘80s. And the best news is, CMC has truly expedited its ordering process to make things easier than ever. To show appreciation for Mopar and musclecar enthusiasts alike, CMC has rolled out a new discount plan for enthusiasts looking to order new components for their classic musclecars and trucks.

You’ll want to visit their co-website, Auto Metal Direct to take advantage of these discounts. They range from as low as a $100 to $499 purchase with 5% off, to as large as a 20% off discount with free shipping when you make a purchase of $3,200 and up. All said, there’s a lot of opportunity for building the right car the first time here. And with the convenience of a 24/7 operation and online ordering, CMC and AMD looks as if they have a solution for just about ever classic musclecar and truck out there.

Give them a call directly for all of your classic Mopar project needs, or visit them directly on their website at Classic Muscle Metal.


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