Turn5 Tops $117,000 In Scholarships With Spring 2021 Winners Announcement

Turn5, Inc. is putting together quite a history of giving back to the automotive youth. As the parent company of ExtremeTerrain (XT), AmericanMuscle (AM), and AmericanTrucks (AT), Turn5 has created a bi-annual scholarship program with a $2,500 value for each supplier. $117,000 has been handed out since the first program started back in 2013, all in an effort to keep the automotive hobby’s wheels spinning.

With the outdoors and off-roading in focus, XT’s scholarship is targeted towards those pursuing a degree in biology or environmental studies. Their goal is to “raise more awareness for the recreational use of public lands as it is an important issue to us at ExtremeTerrain and our customers.” Future University of Pittsburgh attendee MyKenna Zettle is the spring ’21 winner.

AT’s program is geared towards those heading into traditional building trades as therein lies an obvious tie with the many trucks that tread construction sites. Fields of study such as HVAC, carpentry, and electrical fit the bill. Andrew Pankratz must be planning to use his education to “contribute to a thriving community of trade workers who are dedicated to a hands-on approach to knowledge development” as he’s AT’s spring semester winner.

An automotive-themed major is required to apply for AM’s scholarship, the longest-running of those in the Turn5 family. “Positive change and innovation within the custom car industry” are AM’s motivators and Daniel Hartman’s ambition must match since he’s their spring ’21 winner. Rules and conditions do apply, so be sure to check out each supplier’s eligibility guidelines for more information on how to enter.

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