Video: Epic Mopar Graveyard Unearthed By Car Guy Luke


Lucas Marquardt, known as Car Guy Luke by his YouTube followers, is normally known for his penchant for finding rare, clean domestic cars and trucks of various makes and vintages, but this time around he’s discovered something which is of particular interest to the Mopar faithful.

It is one thing to stumble across, say, an original V8-powered ’68 Dodge Charger, but what we have here is a discovery on an entirely different level. While these cars may be in some serious need of TLC (and have been clearly been rotting away outdoors for some time) these are some genuinely incredible finds.

So what’ve we got? How about a nearly complete 1969 Dodge Super Bee in R/T specification, originally equipped with a 440ci power plant and three pedals on the floor, though sadly the motor and transmission are nowhere to be found. Normally that’d be enough to call it a great day at the junkyard for just about any car collector, but Luke has just given us the tip of the iceberg at this point.


Next up is a 1969 Dodge Charger. Closer inspection reveals that while the motor under the hood is not correct for the car, this is in fact an original Hemi car with minimal rust and about 70 percent complete.

But the best is, of course, saved for last. Unbelievably, another original Hemi Charger is just hanging out in the sun in this back lot, and not only is this one even more complete than the last (though also missing its original running gear), it’s also one of 467 that was originally equipped with a four speed manual transmission.

Luke’s find also includes a Charger 500 Fast Top (one of 392 ever made) that’s basically just a shell and in need of some major bodywork, as well as a few 66-67 Chargers that look worth saving as well.

So where is this treasure trove of incredible Mopars? Our guess is as good as yours, but if you’re really nice, maybe Luke will tell you if you ask him.

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Bradley Iger

Feature Contributor Brad is not only a Mopar aficionado and contributor to Mopar Connection, but the Editor-in-Chief of Winding Road Magazine, offering in-depth looks at new vehicles as well as a unique perspective on the driving experience through online video.

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