Video: New COMP Cams’ Thumpr Camshafts & How To Degree a Cam Tutorial


There was a time that increasing the output of your project car took some serious effort, yet now with an ever-expanding aftermarket, you can make as much power as you desire. This revelation has caused many to reconsider how much horsepower “they really need” – and while we jokingly howl “There’s never enough” we all know that’s not true.

Of course, COMP Cams has been on the cusp of this since the beginning, and has rightly introduced a new series of Thumpr Cams designed to not only provide strong, reliable and (more importantly) streetable characteristics, but also deliver that sharp, crisp “big cam” sound. Yes, you can have the sound of a big, loping, overlapping camshaft without the temperamental headaches that come with them.

And that’s enough to inspire you to swap out the bumpstick with one of COMP’s Thumpr, Mutha Thumpr and Big Mutha Thumpr cams, don’t be discouraged! COMP just provided this great Quick Tech how-to video guiding you through the step-by-step process of degreeing your new COMP camshaft. Highlighted here is the Powerhouse Products Cam Degree Kit, which can be used with any brand of camshaft.

Here’s the complete press release:
Thumpr™ Cams are designed to provide outstanding sound matched with unbeatable performance. They are available for a wide range of engine applications, including the most popular power plants for street rods.

Featuring specially engineered profiles for each unique engine, Thumpr™ Camshafts provide the perfect combination of early intake valve opening and long exhaust duration, with a generous amount of overlap. This maximizes any engine’s aggressive idling characteristics without negatively impacting streetability.

The Thumpr™ Camshaft line has now been expanded to include classic street rod engines such as Buick Nailheads, Chrysler Hemis, Ford Y-Blocks and Flatheads, and many other popular options for classic GM applications. The cams come in three unique grinds known as Thumpr™ Mutha Thumpr™ and Big Mutha Thumpr™; each level fits a more aggressive application with higher compression ratios, converter stall speeds and other upgrades such as gears, aftermarket intakes and headers. With cams available in hydraulic flat tappet, mechanical/solid flat tappet and hydraulic roller configurations, COMP Cams® offers the perfect Thumpr™ cam for any street rod or traditional hot rod.

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