Video: This Charger R/T Is Save With Some Incredible Wrecker Skills

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There are some occupations where being a geometry and physics whiz naturally come into play – designing spacecraft for instance. But wrecker driver? Not the first place you’d look for those disciplines to be applied on a daily basis. But have a look at this video and your mind will be blown. This flat-deck wrecker operator understands both. He has to, considering the mess he’s dealing with.

We see that a modern Dodge Charger has gotten itself crossed-up with some Hondas in a residential side-street parking lot. High-speed antics gone bad by the looks of things. The Dodge ends up on top of the Civic at a cross angle, it’s nosed pointing straight to the sky while its butt is scraping the pavement in an incredibly precarious pile-up.

It seems like an impossible tow. How are you going to even get the deck under the Charger? Well, by understanding geometry he uses a couple of simple wooden blocks to get himself some room under the dead Dodge’s rear bumper, the cover of which he yanks off using a staple of many physics equations: brute force.

He gently – with small adjustments here and there – gets the rear wheels of the Charger in contact with the truck’s deck, thereby reducing rolling resistance – he got the car moving on its own rear wheels after it being suspended on little more than its tail-lights. Then, by using his truck and the Honda in a “Charger Sandwich,” he rocks the vehicle back and forth, using one against the other until the truck is almost fully under the R/T. It’s understanding the relationship of force against an immovable object that wins the day here.

Oh, did we mention the Honda is on its side, under the Charger? So when he tugs one last time, the Honda rolls right side-up so the next wrecker driver can easily access it – a “two-fer” as a our narrator calls it.

We hope nobody was hurt in this crash and we’re not sure if this Charger is going to end up as a parts donor or is getting a second lease on life. One thing’s for sure though, this wrecker driver could teach a master class in his line of work any day of the week.

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Des Ryan

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