Back by Demand: Edelbrock VRS 4150 Carburetors are Back in Stock

New and in-demand Edelbrock VRS 4150 carburetors are back in stock at Edelbrock! Get yours while they are still available! The Edelbrock VRS 4150 650, 750, and 850 are all currently in stock at Edelbrock.

The VRS 4150 series of carburetors is Edelbrock’s most versatile and adjustable carburetors yet. Edelbrock VRS 4150 Carburetors come in three separate CFM ratings, 650, 750, and 850. From mild to wild, Edelbrock has what you need with the VRS.

Edelbrock VRS-4150 Race & Performance Carburetors are race-ready with four circuit billet metering blocks for full tuning capability and street-friendly with a universal fit throttle arm, vacuum fittings, and provisions for a Standard GM three-wire TPS sensor.

The VRS 4150 series comes with all the standard accouterments you expect with a Brand new Edelbrock: an installation booklet, carb flange gasket, air cleaner gasket, as well as all the necessary vacuum caps.

Currently on Edelbrock’s website the VRS 650, part number 1306, is priced at $814. The VRS 750, part number 1307, is priced at $876. And lastly, the VRS 850, part number 1308, is currently listed at $958.

If you have any questions regarding which VRS 4150 is right for your engine, don’t hesitate to contact Edelbrock’s Carburetor experts to help select the perfect carb for your application.

For more information about the restocked VRS 4150 series Carburetors available from Edelbrock visit To speak with one of Edelbrock’s Carburetor Experts, call 800-999-0853.

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