Classic Industries Offers New Hemi Conversion Engine Mounts

Swapping a 5.7L or 6.1L Gen III Hemi into a Mopar A, B, or E-body just got easier with Hemi conversion engine mounts from Classic Industries. These engine mounts are designed to properly fit a Hemi between the frame rails of your Mopar without the need to modify the factory K-member (one exception with the 6.1L, described below).

The engine mounts will also work with aftermarket K-members provided the engine mount perches are in the factory location. Classic Industries offers conversion engine mounts for a 1967-72 A-body Slant Six to Hemi swap (part no. MA4901), a 1967-72 A-body V8 to Hemi changeover (part no. MA4902), or a 1966-72 B-body or 1970-74 E-body (also 1966-1973 C-body) LA and R/RB V8 to Hemi conversion (part no. MA4903).

Above left: To convert a 1967-72 A-body V8 car to a Gen III Hemi, Classic Industries offers this quality engine mount conversion kit (part no. MA4902). The components in the kit are high quality, and the fit is excellent. Everything fits without the need to fabricate parts for a proper installation. Above right: When slipping a 5.7L or 6.1L into a 1966-72 B-body or 1970-74 E-body, Classic Industries has this simple bolt in engine mount conversion kit. If the 6.1L Hemi is from a passenger car or the 6.1 has a low-mount AC compressor installed, the driver side engine mount perch on the K-frame requires a minor modification, and a different driver side engine mount is used.

These engine mounts are manufactured by Schumacher Creative Services. Schumacher extensively researched and tested the mounts before offering them to the public. Their quality control processes provide each purchaser with products that will fit correctly without any need for fabrication. Each conversion kit will arrive with powder-coated steel brackets, polyurethane spool bushings, and all the fasteners for the engine swap.

If a 6.1L Hemi with a low mount or passenger car (not truck) air conditioning compressor is installed in a B or E-body, a different driver side installation bracket is required with the kit. Additionally, minor modifications are required for the driver side engine mount perch of the K-member and to the compressor body. For additional information about any of the Hemi engine mount conversion kits, contact the reps at Classic Industries.

Above left: The engine mount on this b-body fits properly to the block and to the driver side K-member engine mount perch. The use of the Classic Industries’ engine mount provides a clean installation, and it fits without any need to modify the factory K-member. Above right: The passenger side engine mount on the B-body fits snugly between the factory K-member and the Gen III Hemi. The passenger side mount secures the engine in place while, just like the driver side, minimizing its interference with the exhaust and other engine components.

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Chris Holley

Technical Contributor Chris has been a college professor for 25 years; at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. for the last 20 years. Chris instructs automotive classes in HVAC, electrical/electronics, and high-performance, including using a chassis dyno, flow benches, and various machining equipment. Recently, he added a vintage vehicle upholstery class to his teaching assignments. Chris owns a '67 Dart, a '75 Dart, a '06 Charger, and a '12 Cummins turbo diesel Ram, and he is a multi-time track champion (drag racing) with his '69 340 Dart, which he has owned for 34 years.

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