Edelbrock Releases Its Next Generation of E-Street EFI


There’s no denying it: with the influx of technology flooding the aftermarket, today’s world of engine management is lightyears ahead of where we were even just a decade earlier. A mere 15 years ago, the notion of converting one’s classic Mopar from carburetors to fuel injection was a blue sky notion that would cost several thousands of dollars in both hardware, tuning and man hours. Now, with better hardware, smarter software and smaller, more efficient equipment, swapping to EFI is a job typically completed in a weekend, if not a single Saturday.

And on that cutting edge is Edelbrock, who recently announced the release of their second generation of E-Street EFI – the appropriately named E-Street 2. Now featuring Bluetooth connectivity (for improved communication between the ECU and the supplied wireless Android device), more refined base calibrations for a shorter self-learning/break-in period, and a newly black-powder coated throttle body for a stealthier finish that won’t stick out beneath your classic air cleaner so much. There’s a few more features so check out the whole release below.

Here’s Edelbrock’s original press release:
Edelbrock is proud to announce the release of its next generation in E-Street electronic fuel injection… E-Street 2 EFI. Edelbrock has added many new enhancements to an already easy to use and affordable system, making it the ideal choice for any enthusiast looking to convert to EFI.
Some of Edelbrock’s new and improved E-Street 2 EFI features include enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for improved communication between the ECU and Android device. It also features refined base calibrations for a reduced self-learning period, and a throttle body with a new black powder coated finish that will retain a classic under hood appearance.

Another enhancement has been to Edelbrock’s exclusive E-Tuner App. E-Tuner is an Android® based application that utilizes a simple interface for setting up and monitoring the E-Street 2 EFI system. E-Tuner is now compatible with many popular Android phones and tablets, allowing consumers to use their own personal device to tune and monitor their E-Street 2 EFI System. The Edelbrock E-Tuner App is available at no charge from Google Play Store or it can be downloaded from www.edelbrock.com/etuner.

The most exciting enhancement to E-Street 2 EFI and the E-Tuner App is the addition of ignition control. This new Ignition Control feature gives the consumer the capability to direct drive an ignition coil (optional Ignition Control Kit required), eliminating the extra expense and time involved with installing a CDI box. It also allows consumers to fully customize their ignition curve for the ultimate power and MPG, all within the E-Tuner App. E-Tuner also allows the consumer to control several parameters of the system and to make adjustments while driving.

E-Street 2 EFI Systems are available with a 7″ touch screen or without for consumers who choose to use their own Android device. Each system includes a pre-assembled throttle body, engine control unit (ECU), high quality wiring harness, wide band O2 sensor and detailed instructions for a hassle free installation. E-Street 2 EFI systems are also available with a return style fuel system or Edelbrock’s unique Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit for vehicles equipped with a low-pressure fuel system.


  • E-Street 2 EFI System (base system only without fuel supply system) 3664 36649
  • E-Street 2 EFI System (base system with Return-Style Fuel Kit #3604) 3665 36659
  • E-Street 2 EFI System (base system with Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit #3605) 3667 36679

Features Include:

  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for improved communications speed
  • Refined base calibrations for a reduced self learning period
  • Ready to run, right-out-of-the-box with pre-loaded calibrations
  • Features self-mapping technology to automatically adjust the fuel calibration
  • Addition of ignition control functions inside the E-Tuner App, eliminating the need for a CDI box
  • Compatible with most Android phones and tablets, allowing for consumers to use their own device to tune and monitor the system
  • Available with or without an Android 7″ touch screen tablet
  • E-Tuner App is available at no charge from Google Play Store or Edelbrock website

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