Mopar Connection Welcomes CVF Racing For 2017/2018

Everyone at Mopar Connection Magazine is very excited to welcome our newest advertiser, CFV Racing. Many of you might not be familiar with the name CFV Racing yet but that’s going to change. CFV Racing produces billet pulleys and accessory brackets for popular Mopar platforms including small block and big block.

Started in 2009 when a classic car nut and corporate engineer couldn’t find a billet dash panel for their restoration. They took matters into their own hands and designed their own custom piece. In the process of making the dash piece they realized the poor aftermarket support for billet pulleys, brackets and other special pieces. From that point they have expanded their product line into one of the most extensive billet pulley and bracket selection in the world and its all made right here in the USA!

CFV Racing has done encompassing amount of research and development to assure proper fitment and alignment of their pulley setups. From alternators to water pumps, power steering pumps and a/c compressors, they have multiple packages for both small block and big block Mopars. Not only do they offer billet V-belt pulley systems but they also offer billet serpentine setups.

We will dive deeper into CVF Racing’s pulley setups and how you can benefit in the near future. We are thankful that CFV Racing has taken an interest in producing much needed pulley systems for our Mopars. Please help us give CVF Racing the welcoming they deserve by checking them out on Facebook and browsing through their website.

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Gavin Wollenburg

Gavin grew up around Mopars in his lakeside home in Ohio, his father showing him nearly everything he needed to know about haulin' some serious rear in his '72 Dart Swinger. Since then, he's made his little A-Body a serious autocross contender and regularly shows the modern boys how an old Dart does it!

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