Innovators West’s New Overdrive Harmonic Balancer For 2015 Hellcats

IMG_1668Innovators West has developed a 9% overdrive SFI 18.1 Rated Harmonic Balancer for the 2015 6.2 Liter Dodge Hemi Hellcat. The unit features a 10 Rib Blower Drive and 6 Rib Accessory Drive.

Chris Rose who handles sales and marketing for the company said they literally finished the one on display just one day before having to load for Indy. Engineer Brad Waddle stats that in testing they saw boost increase by 4 lbs. which lead to an extra 70 horsepower.

Boost now comes in much lower in the rpm band but with just a modest increase the factory intercooler handles it fine.

Like all Innovators West balancers, it features an all-aluminum case design for weight savings along with a stress-proof steel hub and 1050 steel inertia rings for durability. It’s a wet clutch friction design style with precision machined harmonic dampening for street and race engines. Retail should be around $700 which is not bad at all for that type of power increase. They should have these in stock soon and already several engine builders interested and tuners interested.

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