Sweetness: Oscar Joseph’s 2006 Chrysler 300C


Oscar Joseph of Maple Ridge, British Columbia is nicknamed “The Mayor” by those that know him. He is very well known for his talent and passion with everything automotive. A mechanic by trade, Oscar is one of those lucky enough to incorporate his love for cars with his job. Oscar always has a huge smile on his face and is always willing to lend a hand to whoever needs it. Just as well known is his pride and joy, “Sweetness.” She is a 2006 Chrysler 300C dressed in Cool Vanilla paint and powered by a 5.7L Hemi V8 and NAG1 five speed automatic transmission.

After owning a 3.5L V6 powered Chrysler 300, Oscar decided he needed more power so on April 17, 2007, he got rid of his V6 300 and brought home a brand new Hemi-powered 2006 300C. Like most car guys, Oscar told himself a K&N cold air intake and a 180-degree thermostat would be the only modifications he would do to the car. He wouldn’t hold himself to that statement very long. Being a huge fan of drag racing, Oscar decided to take her to one of Mission Raceway’s street legal drag racing events to see what she would run. With only 120 kilometers on the odometer (74,5 miles), he went up against a Ford Mustang and won with a pass of 14.01 seconds down the quarter mile. He was hooked. He then decided to do a few modifications including a Diablosport Predator hand-held tuner. With that added, he hit the race track again and laid down a pass of 13.56 seconds.


Realizing he could go even faster, Oscar started floating ideas around his head and decided some research would be needed. After some serious thought, he went out and purchased a ZEX single stage wet nitrous kit figuring that might cure his need for more speed. With the nitrous kit installed, he took her back to the race track yet again to see what difference it made. Oscar decided to play it safe and start off with a 75 horsepower shot of nitrous being as the 5.7L Hemi was completely stock internally. With the 75 shot, he managed to get his quarter mile time down to 13.36 seconds at 106 mph. Later on, he then bumped the shot of nitrous up to a 125 shot and using a pair of drag radials, ran a 12.86 second pass at 109 mph!

Those times may have been enough for some people but for Oscar it just wasn’t enough. Oscar and his friend Todd have always had a friendly competition at the race track. Todd had a 2010 Challenger R/T with a Magnuson supercharger and methanol injection to name a few modifications. They were very well known for doing modifications behind each other’s back just to get the upper hand the next time they met at the race track. At the local modern Mopar meets they would tease each other about doing something to their cars but wouldn’t say exactly what. They would both tell the other they would find out at the track!


To get the upper hand, Oscar decided to again bump the nitrous shot up another level. He took her back to the race track and this time using a 150 shot of nitrous, he ran a 12.05 second pass at 115 mph! That’s when he decided he wanted to break into the 11 second range and bought a second stage nitrous kit. Using both stages of nitrous, he couldn’t get the car to hook properly. Even with the tire spin, he ran a 12.01 second pass at 117 mph. He’s still very consistent in the low 12 second range even running his 22” show wheels and street tires!

Nitrous isn’t the only thing Oscar has done to Sweetness. In fact, she’s pretty loaded with modifications to produce a stunning 560 horsepower at the rear wheels! Under the hood is a stock internal 5.7L Hemi V8 equipped with a K&N cold air intake, Jet 180-degree thermostat and an oil catch can. As previously mentioned, the nitrous is supplied by a Zex wet nitrous system. Oscar is currently running a 150 shot first stage followed by a 125 shot second stage. He has the nitrous set-up to purge directly out of the center of the front grille. Everything is controlled by a Diablosport Predator tuner. To top the engine off, he took the factory Hemi engine cover and color matched it in the Cool Vanilla paint and added a burgundy lizard skin insert. For exhaust, he’s running JBA shorty headers and Dynomax Race Magnum VT mufflers.


Under Sweetness, he has her set-up with Bach lowering springs and SRT-8 suspension. To stop all that power, he’s running Raybestos high performance disc brake rotors with Hawk brake pads. Oscar runs two different sets of tires and wheels on her. For cruising and car shows, he has a set of custom color-matched 22-inch Boss wheels that has ‘Sweetness’ added on them. For racing, he runs the stock 18-inch 300C wheels on the front and a pair of aftermarket chrome mags on the back with a pair of drag radials for traction.

On the outside, she still wears her factory Cool Vanilla paint. Added is a custom flamed paint job that was air brushed over the front end. Oscar has also color-matched the headlight buckets and added a black chrome grille and rear spoiler. To keep the interior cool in the summer, he had the rear and side windows tinted and then to top everything off, he also added blue LED under glow lighting and LED windshield washer nozzles!


Oscar decided to keep the interior simple and clean. He installed a Sherwood woodgrain dash kit and then had custom burgundy lizard skin seat inserts added along with a matching center arm rest cover. Finishing up the interior is a pair of custom floor mats that have ‘Sweetness’ embroidered into them. In the trunk, the nitrous bottle is front and center mounted directly in the middle of the trunk floor. Oscar decided to make the trunk show ready by adding hardwood flooring and a lizard skin frame around the nitrous bottle!

Oscar has taken Sweetness to numerous car shows and always brings home awards. He’s won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and numerous Distinction awards as well as a Best Interior award! He says he’s met a lot of great people with owning the car and he’s proud to call many of them family! He also says he hopes with some added traction, he’ll finally get into the 11 second range at the race track. His friend Todd has since sold his Challenger R/T and purchased a Challenger SRT Hellcat so Oscar’s already been planning on modifications he can do to beat Todd at the track! We’re looking forward to seeing what he has in plan!


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