Take Your Temperature With Vintage Air’s Top Troubleshooting Tips

Service after the sale is the old cliché that a bevy of vendors boast, but what that service looks like widely varies. Some offer up an email address and little more, but others like Vintage Air take customer support straight to heart by providing the maximum opportunity for their patrons to be successful.

The first line of defense against a poorly-performing air-conditioning system is their online troubleshooting guide. Featuring a comprehensive step-by-step outline of what to look for, this should be any installers initial check if the rare problem arises. “Some of the most common calls still relate to evacuation and charging of the systems, and the amount of 134a refrigerant that we specify for optimal operation,” says Vintage Air President Rick Love. Each and every ounce of those details is in the condensed online assistance page.

“The proper wiring for the trinary safety switch when running electric fans is also a common question, especially with the advent of late model engine swaps that involve engine management computers,” he continues. Instruction manuals can offer helpful hints on the electrical end. Since the paper copies often end up in the trash can, Vintage Air has a full library online for free download. Even if your kit is old and obsolete, there’s a good chance that the manual is still available in their archives.

YouTube is another excellent avenue with the motion picture mechanic becoming more and more popular. Vintage Air’s support stretches here as well. “We have produced and posted installation videos for several kits on our YouTube channel. Although we have not done videos of any of the MOPAR kits yet, the concept’s basic steps are the same across the board so they can be helpful in any installation,” Rick explains.

Of course, if the old-fashioned talk-to-a-real-person method is more your style, that too is a viable route to take. “We have five full-time Technical Service Representatives manning the phones and answering email from 8:00AM to 4:45 PM Monday through Friday. With the ease of sending pictures from cell phones or email these days, we are able to answer the vast majority of questions quickly and efficiently. Our Technical people are very experienced, all of them are hot rodders themselves and have experience installing Vintage Air systems.”

If you’re on the fence when considering an air-conditioning solution, just remember that it never hurts to go with the guys that’ll get you going in a pinch.

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