Video: Check Out Proform’s Trackside Tuning Carburetor Spacer Kit

Carburetor spacers are a very quick (and proven) way to bump up a few horsepower to your street-driven or race-ready Mopar. How? Because a carburetor spacer “increases the distance between the intake manifold and the bottom of the carburetor, which reduces the velocity of the intake charge,” according to

Knowing this, Proform Parts went about not only molding a spacer from phenolic resin, but also sought to make it far more useful by allowing it to be 100-percent modular! The 1-inch carburetor spacer allows you to “tune” it with ease. According to Proform, “Each kit comes with one frame and 3 popular inserts: open, 4-hole, and tapered 4-hole. Various engine combinations have various fuel and air distribution requirements for maximum performance.” continues, “A four-hole spacer helps to direct the air-fuel mixture, making the streams more efficient. It also assists in preventing reversion from the pressure pulses.” The high-quality, lightweight phenolic resin material is heat resistant helping to keep intake charges cool(er), comes as a complete kit, and is guaranteed to optimize intake flow rates.

Made in the USA, the Proform Parts Trackside Tuning Carburetor Spacer Kit is one of those items that can give you just the slight edge you need to pull ahead of the guy next to you. Look up PT# 67160C at

PROFORM's phenolic carb spacer kit…get one before they're gone. Part no. 67160C

Posted by Proform Parts on Monday, February 8, 2016

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