Video: Dodge Rides a Spark in a Pool in Special “Shark Week” Ad

It’s not often when we get to cross-share an article between Shaw Group Media’s two magazines, The Watercraft Journal and Mopar Connection Magazine. Albeit two very disconnected industries, and we being the publishers of two magazines servicing very niche enthusiast groups, the intersection of Dodge/Plymouth muscle cars and personal watercraft is a rare one indeed. Yet, as fate would have it, here we are.

Coming from the tail end of the annual geek-tastic San Diego Comic-Con, many outlets took the opportunity to cross-promote the beginning of Discovery Channel’s absurdly popular “Shark Week” broadcasting event, including Dodge. As part of their summer sales event and other promotions, Dodge fired out this silly “asphalt summer” commercial featuring a bunch of beach-goers going about typical summertime festivities in a rather large parking lot just mere feet from the sand.

One such enthusiast is shown ripping a Chili Pepper red Sea-Doo Spark around in a collapsible swimming pool as a 707-horsepower, 204-mph Dodge Charger Hellcat pulls up with a surfboard rack on the roof. Yes, you read that right. That 4-door Charger is packing over seven hundred horsepower and has been clocked at a blistering 204 miles per hour. Not too shabby for a family sedan, huh?

Of course, the parking lot is filled with all sorts of other high-horsepower Mopar muscle, including nearly every offering from the SRT (Street Racing Technology) lineup of performance machines. It’s a fun way to start your Monday, so take a peek below (even if you’re a Ford guy):

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Kevin Shaw

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