Video: Ice Down Your Automatic With Proform’s New Transmission Coolers

After the success of their Slim-Fit and 1-2-3 radiator systems, Proform’s next logical step into heat transfer territory would obviously be oil coolers. The Tundra series universal transmission coolers are their first foray into the fight against Fahrenheit with a wide selection of heat transfer tools to take the temperature down.

With a stacked plate and fin design, the goal was to make Tundra coolers more efficient than similar tube and fin units while maintaining compactness for uncomplicated mounting.

“It’s got the best of both worlds from a mounting standpoint. We’ve got the flush-mount mounting style bracket, but yet with the stacked plate cooler design. That’s what people are really looking for,” says Booth Platt, Special Projects Manager.

Four sizes are available and the required footprint is usually determined by the specific application’s heat load:

  • – 10-row, 4.76” overall height (P/N 69570-10)
  • – 16-row, 6.58” overall height (P/N 69570-16)
  • – 25-row, 9.31” overall height (P/N 69570-25)
  • – 40-row, 13.86” overall height (P/N 69570-40)

An aluminum construction and black, powder-coated finish makes for a stout and slick appearance. Two-stage pressure-testing at 175 psi then 80 psi underwater ensures a leak-free fabrication right off the factory floor.

As an added benefit, these can also be used for power steering fluid, engine oil, or differential gear oil. Just like transmissions, all of those components have internals that can benefit from a bit of heat rejection.

No doubt, these Tundra series coolers are yet another performance product under the Proform parasol, primed to help put your Dodge or Plymouth on top.

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