Video: Win a Supercharged Dodge Ram TRX with Dream Giveaway

The good folks at Dream Giveaway have done it again. In addition to their Hellcat Durango and Charger giveaway and the ACR Viper promotion, Dream Giveaway, in conjunction with sponsors Continental Tires, Fab Fours, Lighting Trendz, and RECOIL, has a new giveaway: the first 6.2L supercharged Hemi 4×4 Ram Crew Cab. It is named the TRX, but it is pronounced the T-Rex, and its bite is just a vicious as its appearance.

The TRX is the most powerful Ram on the market. The Hellcat Hemi peaks at 702 horsepower, so it has the power to tow or haul payload, but it also has the performance to put many unsuspecting drivers on the trailer after a sound thumping at the drag strip. To motivate the TRX, it has eight-drive modes, and just like the other Hellcats, there is launch control to provide the ultimate in straight line acceleration.

However, the Ram TRX shines the brightest during off-road excursions. The TRX has 11.8-inches of ground clearance, front suspension travel of 13 inches, and rear travel of 14 inches. Bilstein Black Hawk e2 shocks control the suspension movement on all four corners of the Ram. A set of Continental ExtremeContact tires wrapping 4Play 4P50 Gen 2 Series wheels keep the TRX moving over rough terrain and trail obstacles.

The uniqueness of Ram TRX earned high praise:

“The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX is a truck that resets the standard of what’s possible. It is a game-changer, both on- and off-road: The TRX is not just the 2021 Motor Trend Truck of the Year – the unprecedented third consecutive time Ram has won – but the new benchmark that all supertrucks must beat.” – Motor Trend

The exterior of the TRX is updated with Fab Fours custom front and rear bumpers. In addition, the Ram has a military-appearing, combat ammo green full-body wrap, which includes a tastefully placed list of the giveaway sponsors on each door and the aggressive TRX T-Rex graphics extending from the cab to the truck bedsides. Finally, Lighting Trendz provided exterior lighting that far exceeds the factory lights to illuminate the trails at night.

The TRX is loaded with factory options. The MSRP of the truck exceeds $91,000, and the winner will receive $25,000 to take care of the taxes. If the truck and the extra tax money are not enough, Dream Giveaway has added a 7-day/6-night African hunting package. The safari includes airfare, accommodations at Outfitter Lodge in KwaZulu, South Africa, and a Strasser RS-14 EVO hunting rifle, courtesy of RECOIL magazine and RECOILweb.

So how can you get your hands on this truck? It is simple. Visit Dream Giveaway, select the Ram TRX, and make a donation to get tickets for the giveaway. There are other ways to get tickets and promotional codes, and it is all explained in the official rules. Each donation goes to nine deserving charities. The giveaway is currently occurring. The raffle will end July 26, 2022, and the drawing will occur on or around August 11, 2022.

Dream Giveaway continues to provide extremely high-quality Mopars that can be yours with nothing more than a tax-deductible (to the fullest extent of the law) donation. Maybe the TRX is not what you want. If that is the case, do not forget about the Hellcat Durango and Charger or the V10 Viper giveaways. You have three choices to win. Pick one, two, or all three.


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