Videos: Jeep Celebrates 75 Years With WWII Willys-Themed “Salute” Concept


With a list of abilities and accomplishments a Swiss Army Knife can claim; Jeeps have been war veterans, fashion statements, world travelers, family heirlooms, national treasures, and trail blazers. Jeep marks its seventy-fifth anniversary this milestone year in a company that has changed hands a number of times, but has managed to never lose its true identity.

Jeep has developed a legacy of the only auto manufacturer to fully embrace the demand for rugged vehicles that can go where the going gets tough. With a lineage dating back to 1941, Jeep embraced their roots by building a brand new Wrangler JK concept (titled “Salute”) that looks at home in the history books. Jeep was born on war-torn soil, but now this tribute concept is going to be celebrated with red carpet treatment.

The “Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute Concept” has been stripped down to its core, ditching roll bar, rear seats, doors, and any frills that would distract form the Willys look; Olive drab paint, white decals, and vintage military styled 32-inch tires wrapped around 16-inch steel wheels complete the salute to Jeeps both of past and present. We hope to see this tribute concept out on the trails soon.

Follow along with the assembly of this old school inspired tribute JK concept. The video makes it clear that this Jeep was treated special even in its assembly, as time was take for personnel to piece together the vehicle at every step of the way with minimal robotic interference.



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Kyle Cunliffe

Off-Road/Truck Editor Growing up in Southern California many would expect Kyle to spend his days looking for the next gnarly wave to catch. Luckily waves don't have a throttle or steering wheel so his attention was devoted elsewhere. Kyle can nearly always be found looking for a way to go faster, or get over an obstacle just a little bigger than the last. Because he wasn't a trust fund baby he has spend years working on his own vehicles to keep the excitement going.

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