Are You Watching Mopar Connection Magazine’s YouTube Channel?

Since our launch in 2015, Mopar Connection Magazine has been generating and publishing daily magazine articles entirely for free (with no subscription fees, downloads or passwords either) every single day, Monday-through-Friday. Besides major federal US holidays, we’ve never missed a day – no, really. Not one day! And since that time, we’ve generated an annual readership of a quarter million Mopar enthusiasts. It’s awesome, frankly.

And while we continue to pump out our steady stream of Mopar car features, event coverage, technical articles, and how-to’s, we’re also adding another way to get a little more out of Mopar Connection! If you weren’t already subscribed or were getting our newsletter, you wouldn’t have seen that we’re generating weekly videos on YouTube. While we’ve been really spotty with our video production previously, we’ve been steadily publishing once a week for two months now.

Our daily magazine is still Priority One, so don’t expect to see us slip here. But now you can also watch a free video on our YouTube channel published every Wednesday. Right now, we’re running a regular “Mopar Shop Talk” series made from vlogs previously recorded (and heavily edited-down) by MCM Editor-in-Chief Kevin Shaw, as well as smaller “webisodes” documenting various trips, events and general car guy (mis)adventures. As our viewership grows, so will our content.

So if you haven’t already, go over to Mopar Connection Magazine’s YouTube channel, check out a video or two and remember to smash that subscribe button! Here’s our most recent video episode from our “Mopar Shop Talk” miniseries:

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Kevin Shaw

Editor-in-Chief – Kevin Shaw is a decade-long powersports and automotive journalist whose love for things that go too fast has led him to launching Mopar Connection Magazine. Almost always found with stained hands and dirt under his fingernails, Kevin has an eye for the technical while keeping a eye out for beautiful photography and a great story. He's also the co-author of "The Chrysler B-Body Restoration Guide."