FuelTech CEO Anderson Dick Releases “Gearhead Manual” Book

Modern engine management and fuel delivery has come a long way since the early EFI-swaps of the 1980s. Coming on to the scene in 2003, FuelTech president and CEO Anderson Dick has been instrumental in pushing the performance engine management industry forward with state-of-the-art engine controllers and cutting-edge software.

Dick has a certain penchant for big boosted applications whose skills have taken him all over the globe. We first met with FuelTech’s head man after he returned from Thailand where he tuned one of the world’s fastest 4-cylinder dragsters to an insane 5-second pass. In addition to his hands on tuning, Dick has been growing FuelTech into a global brand.

If that wasn’t enough, Dick recently released an autobiography “Gearhead Manual” with a special launch party where he signed autograph at FuelTech’s new headquarters Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. The book itself hasn’t been translated for English yet, but is expected to be available to American audiences through their FuelTech USA store soon enough.

Anderson Dick wrote the following in a Facebook post:
If someone came back from the future and told me 20 years ago that I would be releasing a book, I wouldn’t believe it!

The book came from a joke we did 3 years ago about that book “1001 excuses to buy another car” and everyone asked, I believed and ran after it, but the cool thing about this story is that a lot of success stories start with a joke and they saw something serious, and it’s exactly by that the book “Gearhead Manual” appeared to explain how many things happen and move the lives of automotive enthusiasts who end up unfolding in the path of our lives that you wouldn’t have guessed!

I say that this book is for the gearhead to understand and empower themselves, but also for the wife(s) and family members to understand that passion we have that is so difficult to explain, I think I did it!

The launch was very cool, I had the opportunity to listen to amazing stories and very affectionate, thank you to everyone who is prestigious and really from the bottom of my heart I hope it helps a lot of people!

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Kevin Shaw

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