Gallery: North Georgia Mopar Club’s 15th Annual Southern Classic Car Show


When I think of the North Georgia Mopar Club, I think of a huge family, Mopar family that is! This past Saturday, August 27th, 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the 15th Annual Southern Classic Car Show sponsored by the North Georgia Mopar Club. This wasn’t just an event. It was an experience. Held on the spacious Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, this two-day event offered something for everyone. There was a Swap Meet, Model Car Contest, Soap Box Derby car rides, drive-in movie, and of course, the All Mopar Car Show. That’s all Mopar, all makes, all models, all day!

As I looked out over the fairgrounds, you could see the old and the new Mopar generations coming together. On one side of the grounds, there were A and B body cars parked commanding my attention. On the other side were rows of new gen Chargers and Challengers putting on their own show. As I started to make my rounds, I couldn’t help but notice this 1970 Dodge Charger R/T with only 20,655 miles on it. This car had been very well maintained. This beauty caught most everyone’s eye. I had to stand in line just to read the specs on it! As I moved throughout the lot, I found myself face to face with a shiny olive green ‘68 Plymouth Road Runner. A true work of art that seemed to introduce itself to you as you read the description of the car.


I can definitely say that it was a family oriented event as children went from pointing to all of the cars, to gearing up for the Soap Box Derby Car Ride. It was epic to see how attentive the kids were as they received instructions on how to steer and stop the cars. As I turned my attention from the Derby Car Ride, I noticed a beautiful black Plymouth GTX with the perfect stance. It had the perfect set of wheels and red striping, which gave it an aggressive but classic look. You could definitely tell that a lot of love and time went into this car.

The temperature was skyrocketing, and I was in desperate search of bottled water when I ran across this white Hellcat. No wonder it was so hot outside! This 707-horsepower New Gen Dodge Charger commanded respect from its counterparts. The all white Dodge Charger fitted with the red Hellcat badge seemed as if it was docile from a distance, that is, until you walked up on that beast of a motor. Parked next to the Hellcat was a Charger that literally had a mural painted underneath the hood. Yes the engine was impressive, but the story that was being told above the engine captured you immediately.


From Barracudas to Road Runners and beautiful drawings that stood out from the trunk of show cars, this event had it all! As the sun started to set, I could hear conversations of the festivities to come for the night. Everybody was gearing up for the drive-in movie. This was truly an amazing event fueled by Mopar enthusiasts of all generations. Definitely looking forward to the next event!


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