Make 1,000HP with a FAST Supercharger & Cam Power Package From Summit Racing

Get 1,000 Horsepower Out of Your Gen III Hemi with a FAST Supercharger and Cam Power Package. Summit Racing has just started carrying FAST Supercharger and Camshaft kits for your 3rd Gen Hemi. The FAST Supercharger and Cam Power Package fits 2011-18 engines with VVT.

Build yourself a big-horsepower 5.7L or 6.4L Gen III Hemi with a FAST Supercharger and Cam Power Package. Capable of making 1,000-plus horsepower, the package features an Edelbrock Eaton 2650 TVS supercharger; a matching COMP Cams hydraulic roller camshaft; a phaser limiter kit; pushrods; and a valve spring kit.

What’s more, FAST includes a pump gas-friendly supercharger pulley for initial tuning and general performance driving plus a smaller pulley for maximum power on race fuel or E85. That’s pretty cool.

Here’s what you get:

Edelbrock Supercharger

  • Four-lobe design with 170 degrees of twist for maximum flow, minimum temperature rise, and quiet operation
  • Patented integrated intercooler with 45% more cooling area to lower inlet air charge temperatures
  • Integrated bypass valve helps eliminate parasitic loss under light throttle
  • 3.500-inch pulley for engine break-in, initial tuning, and general performance driving
  • 2.625-inch pulley when maximum power is desired on race fuel or E85

COMP Cams HRT Camshaft

  • 2,000-7,000 RPM range
  • 229°/241° duration @ .050-inch valve lift
  • .635/.635 inch lift
  • 117° LSA

COMP Cams Valve Spring Kit

  • 1.322-inch diameter conical single springs
  • 520 lbs./in. spring rate
  • Chromoly steel retainers
  • Valve locks and seals
  • Spring seats and shims

Other Components

  • COMP Cams phaser limiter
  • COMP Cams Hi-Tech pushrods
  • Accessory drive pulleys, serpentine belt, and belt tensioner
  • Fuel lines and rails
  • Wiring harness

For more information about the new FAST Supercharger and Camshaft kit available from Summit Racing visit To speak with one of Summit Racings’ sales technicians, call 1-800-230-3030.

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