SST Supplies A41 Automatic for Smithfield Foods/Petty’s Garage ’70 Superbird Giveaway Car

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Almost any car enthusiast on Earth will recognize the famous 1970 Plymouth Superbird almost instantly. To a lot of Mopar nuts, it’s considered the “Holy Grail” of Mopars; right up there with a Hemi E-body convertible. While many would love to own a real one, most of the time it’s just not in the cards. Some choose to build a replica or clone if you will and that’s totally cool with us.

Recently, Smithfield Foods teamed up with Petty’s Garage to build a Superbird replica using a real deal 1970 Roadrunner 2 door post that somebody had started as a project but soon forgotten about. While the car looked good at first, it had lived a hard life so it was perfect for this build. It was purchased by Smithfield Foods and Petty’s Garage to build with a retro but pro-touring theme to it. The best part of this whole build is when it’s done; the car will be given away! That’s right, you can you’re your very own 1970 Superbird and all you have to do is eat some pork! Yes, you read that right.

It’s super easy to enter to win. All you have to do is purchase three Smithfield pork products at any one of Albertson’s family of grocery stores (2,500 total), then text a picture of your receipt to Smithfield.

Last year, Smithfield gave away a replica build of Richard Petty’s 1967 Hemi Belvedere in the same type of contest. “For our Belvedere giveaway last year, we flew 14 finalists out to the last Monster Energy NASCAR Cup race of the season at Homestead-Miami Speedway,” Bob Weber of Smithfield Foods recounts. “Each person went on stage with Richard Petty at Homestead, and received a key. If the key started the car, it was yours. We’ll probably do something similar this year. We can’t give away a real Superbird because if someone wins it, they probably couldn’t afford to pay the tax on it! Instead, we decided to build a Superbird clone from a Road Runner. Our mission statement is to build the ultimate grocery-getter, a performance car that your wife can drive to Albertsons. This is a highly visible project, and we want to build it the right way, not like a reality TV project. That’s why we partnered with Petty’s Garage.”

Under the hood will sit a Gen III HEMI engine backed by an A41 Automatic transmission from Silver Sport Transmissions. Petty’s Garage is actually an authorized installer of SST products so the A41 was an automatic choice. Pun intended. Work on the build has been going along at a fast pace and we quite look forward to seeing the finished project when the Giveaway contest is officially rolled out to the public in the Fall.

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Cody Krueger

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