Book Report: Joseph Hinds’ New Hemi Engine Swaps How-To Guide

Looking to do a Hemi swap but have know idea where to start? Car Tech is here to help. The world of automotive technology is evolving, and now, virtually any vehicle can benefit from modern power. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just curious about the process, the new book New HEMI Engine Swaps: How to Swap 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L and Hellcat Engines into Almost Anything by Joseph Hinds is your ultimate guide.

Swapping modern engines into various vehicles is nothing new, especially for GM enthusiasts who have embraced LS swaps. On the Mopar side of things, the new Hemi is finally offering more options – whether that’s a used junkyard motor or a new crate from Direct Connection or Arrington Performance ( – as aftermarket manufacturers like Holley have embraced the demand for parts to simplify the Hemi swap process.

In this step-by-step guide, Hinds takes you through the process of Hemi-swapping a 1973 Plymouth Duster with a 6.1-liter.

The book covers all the essentials, including engine mounts, transmission crossmembers, headers, fuel-supply components, and engine compatibility concerns. You’ll find solutions for common issues such as oil filter locations, intake tube and oil-pan accommodations.

One of the biggest challenges in engine swaps is dealing with wiring and modern powertrain control modules. This guide has you covered with detailed instructions and insights you don’t find elsewhere. It also features information about programming aftermarket electronic fuel-injection systems.

But what if you don’t like fuel injection but still want a Gen III? Hinds covers carburetor options too.

The book is loaded with photos with some of the most popular Hemi swap components and vehicles like Mike Copeland’s Dodge Rampage, Larry Rose’s 1970 Dodge Challenger and David Kruk’s 1970 Dodge Super Bee. The beauty of this guide is that it’s accessible to both seasoned mechanics and those new to engine swaps.

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David Kruk

David grew up around classic cars, buying his first Mopar when he was 18 and has been addicted since. He currently has a 1970 Super Bee that he drives daily and competes in autocross and road course racing. He loves doing events like Power Tour, Moparty, SCCA, and Motor State Challenge.

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