Gallery: Mopar Spring Fling Brings ‘Em In

The 32nd Annual Chrysler Performance West Spring Fling was held on April 14th and 15th, 2018. An impressive 494 cars showed up for this year’s two-day event, along with over two hundred vendors and swappers. The annual show is held at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California, which is also home to the Queen’s English Car Meet, held every year in April, and also the Best of France and Italy car show, held every first Sunday in November.

Overall, the event was a great turnout, like always. The cars never ceased to amaze the spectators. Some cars brought back timeless memories, and intrigued inquiring minds. At the Spring Fling, cars range from early Chryslers, Dodges, and Plymouths, to the high-performance models of the same manufacturers. This is also the largest Mopar show west of the Mississippi River.

Cars on display included Plymouth Valiants, and Barracudas, Dodge Darts and Chargers, and several examples of the Dodge Daytona, which was known for its large rear spoiler. Highlights included a beautifully restored 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger painted in white with red interior. The car had been restored exactly to how it looked, upon leaving the showroom floor in 1966. Another highlight included a Charger that was on display. This particular car was a Dark Bronze Metallic 1968 R/T model, powered by a 440 Magnum, and fitted with a vinyl roof.

Another classic example of Mopar performance was a white 1963 Dodge 330 Super Stock, powered by a 426 Max Wedge. These cars were popular during the 1960s drag racing boom. A favorite car from that particular era was a dark blue 1962 Dodge Dart Super Stock, powered by a 413 cubic-inch Max Wedge. This car was made famous by a popular Beach Boys song called Shut Down, which was about a drag race between this particular car and a Corvette Sting Ray with a fuel-injected 327.

By this time next year, the Spring Fling will be held again, in the same spot at Woodley Park in Van Nuys. The timeless Mopars will be back, and so will the memories from this year’s show.

30704072_10158490099839619_2137058048680656896_n 1972PlymouthDusterOwnedByMartyKeegan 1968PlymouthRoadRunnerOwnedBySteveElliot 1967PlymouthFuryIIIOwnedByRobLelakowski 1967PlymouthBelvedereOwnedByHarveyWebb 1967PlymouthBarracudaOwnedByPatty&SteveRobinson 1967DodgeChargerOwnedByDonHetticher 1964PlymouthSuperFuryOwnedByGarySzabo 1963PlymouthBelvedereOwnedByGregHaigwood 1962DodgeDartOwnedByWayneHaigwood 30713812_10158490083989619_6210230467556278272_n 1961Chrysler300GOwnedByKenBrody 1965PlymouthValiantOwnedByFrankAbrahamian 1970PlymouthGTXOwnedByDariusBaker 1958DodgeCoronetSuper500OwnedByPerBlixt 1969DodgeDaytonaOwnedByJoeMachado 1967PlymouthGTXGasserOwnedByJimPace 1979DodgeAdventure150OwnedByDavidDrake 30710927_10158490097729619_6108336775095123968_n 1965PlymouthFuryOwnedByWilliamWalker 1970PlymouthSportFuryGTOwnedByEricStollsmeister 30711822_10158490413944619_4591986017052917760_n

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