Video: 2 Barrels of FiTech EFI Fun

When bolt-on electronic fuel injection first hit the market, it was primarily targeted towards the four-barrel-induced fans. If you had a mild 273 or 318, off came the just-fine factory two-barrel intake and on went a four-barrel piece. Luckily, EFI technology has advanced far enough over the years that now you can save the extra step of manifold swapping and replace your stocker twin-throat carburetor with the FiTech Go EFI 2 Barrel 400HP system (P/N 39001).

Just like FiTech’s four-barrel variants, the foundation of the Go EFI 2 Barrel is its gold-finished aluminum throttle body with a self-learning, on-board engine control unit (ECU). Basically, you get all the features of the big-boy systems, but in a compact package. “This is designed for our smaller engine customers. Not everyone has a V8 and wants to fuel inject it,” says Jason Oberhelman, Direct of Product Development.

Four flow-matched injectors make the diminutive setup stealthily potent up to 400 naturally-aspirated horsepower. Fuel coming to those sprayers is regulated to 58.5 psi via an internal regulator to save install time and cost. Four simple wiring connections and a color touchscreen display make it a bolt-on and boogie kit.

Note that throttle and kickdown linkage may need adjusted if your engine was not originally equipped with a Holley 2300. Also, an inexpensive adapter like one from Mr. Gasket (P/N 1937MRG) may be necessary depending on your manifold’s bolt pattern. Give FiTech a call at (951) 340-2624 for any application-specific questions.

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